Understanding Hormone Replacement Therapy

This is a type of treatment that helps to relieve menopause symptoms and also sometimes used to reduce the symptoms of aging in men. Although it may seem helpful, hormone replacement therapy comes with several health risks. Hormone replacement therapy consists of medication that is given to women by a family physician. This type of medication is designed such that it counters the effects of menopause in women. The medication has female hormones such as progestin and estrogen; progestin is a human-made version of progesterone. Hormone replacement therapy prevents the symptoms of menopause. Although hormone replacement therapy is for men, there is a version of the same for men that is used to treat low testosterone levels. There are a lot of things you need to learn of if you are thinking about "  hormone replacement therapy near me ". 

This type of therapy has been practiced since the 1930's; at this time estrogen was used in the treatment of menstrual symptoms and hot flashes. Around 1960's physicians found some more reasons to use hormone replacement therapy and its levels of prescription increased. In 1980\s it was recommended for use to treat reduction in bone density, and by 2002, adverse side effects of hormone replacement therapy were noticed, and its use decreased effectively.

There are some benefits of hormone replacement that are short-term because women seem to start gaining protection against loss of bone density, heart diseases and also colorectal cancer. Studies have shown that this reduces the chances of bone fractures and broken bones. Other benefits may include reduced symptoms of menopause such as mood swings. You'll definitely want to learn more when looking for  bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctors

However, there are some side effects of hormone replacement therapy that has made physicians stop the hormone replacement therapy prescription in the past ten years. One of the adverse effects of this medication is the possibility of suffering from uterine cancer. This cancer is caused by the taking estrogen medication without undertaking progestin medication. There are also long-term effects of hormone replacement therapy one of them being the mammograms that are not normal, high risks of blood clots and also the victim of this kind of therapy is prone to some cancer types. In some patients, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy are more than the risks involved. However, family physicians recommend this hormone therapy are too severe to live with. There has been a reduction in the use of this hormone replacement for over ten years, but some individuals are still activating it. Hormone replacement therapy reduces the chances of osteoporosis and also a reduction in menopause symptoms. The risks associated with this kind of therapy creates the necessity to be careful when considering this kind of medication for a long period. Here are some things you need to know about hormone replacement therapy:  https://youtu.be/a6o7FW_c7J4